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白 白 庵 企 画 | PAKUPAKUAN presents


都 会 の 蓮 は 、 夜 に 咲 く 。

Lotus in the city, bloom at night.

田 村 一 個 展

PAKUPAKUAN presents :
Ceramic artist TAMURA Hajime solo exhibition "LOTUS ON THE TABLE"
[日 程] 2019年8月3日(土) - 14日(水) *木曜定休
[時 間] 午前11時 - 午後8時
[会 場] 白白庵(3階ギャラリー)
[Date] Aug 3 (Sat) - 14 (Wed), 2019 *NOTE: We are closed on every Thursday.
[Time] Open: 11:00 am Close: 08:00 pm
[Place] PAKUPAKUAN (Third Floor)
近年 田村一が取り組む燻蒸製法による「夜化」シリーズの作品と、彼の定番である白の作品との対比によって構成する新作個展。
The solo exhibition of TAMURA Hajime consists of the comparison with two kinds of his new artworks: His white staple works and the series of “Night-ization” works made by fumigation methods that he has recently dealt with.
He has got a lot of ideas from the forms of marine organism and plants. The series of his work called “OBAKE” show the existence of “human” and “non-human” in order to silently present the dissolution of faith and the stagnation of this period.
This exhibition would be his unrivaled position to show the necessary and originality such as tableware in general, vases, and objects.
In addition, the tea ceremony will be held and his works would be likened as tea bowls.
It would be the opportunity to thoroughly appreciate TAMURA’s art world that exudes its refreshing existence in every scene.
【 卓 上 呈 茶 会 】 Tea ceremony
日時 8月3日(土) 13:00-18:00
呈茶 矢島 愛子 YAJIMA Aiko(Teaist / 白白庵)
[Date] Aug 3 (Sat) 1:00 pm to 6:00 pm
[Tea Serving] YAJIMA Aiko (Teaist / PAKUPAKUAN)
《Free to Join, No reservation is required.(Guests will be served in order of arrival, to the first 40 guests.)》
【 出 展 作 家 】 Artist(敬称略)
田村 一 TAMURA Hajime(陶芸 / 秋田)

陶芸家 / 秋田県在住
1973 秋田県生まれ
2000 早稲田大学大学院修了後、東京で作家活動を開始
2002 栃木県芳賀郡益子町に移り制作
2011 秋田県に戻り、現在に至る
cocolaboratory(秋田)、Plain People(東京・京都)、白白庵などでの個展多数。

Ceramic artist / resident in Akita pref.
1973 Born in Akita Prefecture
2000 Started activity as an artist after earning a master's degree at Waseda University
2002 Moved to Mashiko-machi, Haga County, Tochigi Prefecture
2011~ Present Came back to Akita Prefecture
A lot of solo exhibitions in “cocolaboratory”(Akita), “Plain People”(Tokyo, Kyoto), PAKUPAKUAN(Tokyo) and more.

【 企画・ディレクション 】 Directior
石橋 圭吾 ISHIBASHI Keigo(白白庵 PAKUPAKUAN | 有限会社ニュートロン neutron Ltd.)