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矢島 愛子 YAJIMA Aiko

国際基督教大学大学院(ICU GS)社会文化分析専修修了。



Born in 1992, Aichi. Graduated from the graduate school of International Christian University, Tokyo, Japan. She calls herself “teaist”.

She gained a master degree in Cultural Anthropology of contemporary tea practitioners who make tea outside of tea ceremony schools. The master thesis was published in the academic journal, “Asian Culture Studies”. She has also published the full text of the thesis online, which is still read.

She has energetically maintained out of the tea ceremony world: Such as tea serving to the minister of Reconstruction Agency, she has held tea parties with tea bowls made by “Virtual Roquro” (Only pottery wheel system with a motion sensor and a 3D printer).
Through studying current tea practitioners and daily tea photos taken at home, she keeps saying “This is also tea” as her lifework.

She was engaged in an IT company as a project manager while keeping to upload her own tea online, but she decided to change the place to show her tea: She started to belong to PAKUPAKUAN in March 2019. Based on one of the themes of her master’s thesis, “Making tea while working”, she aims to be one of the case study of office worker as a “teaist” by herself.

She is totally not interested in asserting “This is just the tea”, and always keeps saying “This is ALSO tea” while seeking new ways of tea not only matcha.