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N Y か ら の 新 作 を ド ロ ッ プ !

He is going to drop the new series made in N.Y. city !

金 理 有 個 展

Ceramic artist KIM Riyoo solo exhibition "Daydream"
[日 程] 2019年10月19日(土) - 30日(水) *木曜定休
[時 間] 午前11時 - 午後8時
[会 場] 白白庵(3階ギャラリー)

[Date] Oct 19 (Sat) - 30 (Wed), 2019 *closed on every Thursday.
[Time] Open: 11:00 am Close: 08:00 pm
[Place] PAKUPAKUAN (Third Floor)
金理有は日本と韓国の血を受け継ぎ、大阪に生まれ、HIP HOPを始めとするストリートカルチャーに大いに影響を受け、やがて茶の湯との出会いにより横浜へと導かれる。
Kim Riyoo is half Japanese and half Korean and was born in Osaka. He was significantly affected by street culture including HIP HOP and was led to Yokohama because of the encounter with the tea ceremony.
He had stayed in Shigaraki City (called “pottery town”), Shiga prefecture and created works from the last year to this year.
Added to this, he stayed in New York City from July to September 2019. He was inspired by people and things there and concentrated to make works.
He has been struggling to orient himself in the global ART trend while trying to take root in Japanese ceramic culture: His “transboundary sense” is not only an essential part of his works but also a reflection of floating his soul in the age of drastic change. It can be called an accidental metamorphosis in the evolutionary process since humans were born.
This exhibition shows his latest works made in Shigaraki and New York, which thoroughly appeals to the unchangeable essences and the changing impressions.
【 白日呈茶会 】 Daylight Tea Ceremony
日時 10月19日(土) 13:00-18:00
呈茶 矢島 愛子 YAJIMA Aiko(Teaist / 白白庵)

[Date] Oct 19 (Sat) 1:00 pm to 6:00 pm
[Tea Serving] YAJIMA Aiko (Teaist / PAKUPAKUAN)
《500JPY to Join, No reservation is required.》(Guests will be served in order of arrival, to the first 40 guests.)
矢島 愛子
【 誰そ彼(たそがれ)茶会 】 Twilight Tea Ceremony
日時 10月24日(木) 17:30-20:30 《定休日ですが茶会の時間のみ営業いたします。》
《参加1,000円(込)・要予約(限定30名様)(お問合はTEL. 03-3402-3021まで)》

[Date] Oct 24 (Thu) 5:30 pm to 8:30 pm
[Tea Serving] MATSUMURA Soryo (SHUHALLY)
《1,000JPY to Join, Reservation is required》TEL. 03-3402-3021 (Limited to 30 guests.)
松村 宗亮
【 いけばな講座『歴史で辿る いけばな色々』 】 Flower Arrangement Lecture
日時 10月30日(水) 19:00-20:30
講師 華道家・山田 尚俊 YAMADA Shoshun
《受講料25,000円(税別)花器とお花付・要予約(お問合せはTEL. 03-3402-3021まで)》

[Date] Oct 30 (Wed) 7:00 pm to 8:30 pm
[Tea Serving] YAMADA Shoshun
《25,000JPY(+tax) to Join, including flowers and a vase / Reservation is required. TEL. 03-3402-3021》
山田 尚俊
YAMADA Shoshun
【 出 展 作 家 】 Artist(敬称略)
金  理有 KIM Riyoo(陶芸 / 神奈川)

陶芸家 / 神奈川県在住
1980 大阪府生まれ
2004 大阪芸術大学芸術学部工芸学科陶芸コース 卒業
2006 大阪芸術大学大学院芸術制作研究科修士課程 終了
現在 横浜にて活動、制作

Ceramic artist / resident in Kanagawa pref.
1980 Born in Osaka Prefecture
2004 Graduated from Ceramic Course in Crafts Department, Osaka University of Arts
2006 Completed the master's course at Osaka University of Arts Graduate School ~Present Making ceramics in Yokohama
A lot of solo show, group show, exhibitions at art museums in domestic and overseas, residency in foreign countries.

【 作品コラボレーション 】 Art work coraboration with
Amazing JIRO
【 装花 】 Flower arrangement
志村 大介 SHIMURA Daisuke(Flower collaborator)
【 企画・ディレクション 】 Directior
石橋 圭吾 ISHIBASHI Keigo(白白庵主宰・アートディレクター)