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川原 宗敦 KAWAHARA Soatsu
茶道教室 「乙亥会」 代表代行

自宅の茶道教室で幼少期より茶道を学び、1999年に庵名、宗名を取得。 現在、同教室において講師として活動する他、自身も3児の母として乳幼児連れの母親向けの茶会、小学生向けの茶会等を企画。
Tea Serving KAWAHARA Soatsu (Deputy of the representative of Tea ceremony school OTOIKAI)

Born in Yokohama city, in 1983.
Started to learn the tea ceremony at the tea school in her house when she was a child.
Gained the name of her own tea room and the name as a tea master in 1999.
She teaches the tea ceremony at the tea school that she learned, and produces her own tea ceremonies for mothers with infants or for elementary school students, as a mother of 3 kids.
She works to promote from her unique perspective, aiming to enable everyone to experience the joy of the tea ceremony.