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白白庵 オンライン&ギャラリー企画 | PAKUPAKUAN presents Online & Gallery exhibition

~ 食卓は創造的なテーブル ~
Dining table is a creative table

工房むくの木 展
七 日 後 の 食 卓

Atelier MUKUNOKI exhibition 2022
"Table of seven days later"

 日時 2022年4月16日(土) 午前11時 ~ 24日(日)午後7時
 会場 白白庵オンラインショップ 《PAKUPAKUAN.SHOP》 内特設ページ

【ON LINE viewing】
 DATE & TIME : 2022.4.16 Sat. 11:00am. - 4.24 Sun. 7:00pm.
 VENUE : Special issues page on 《PAKUPAKUAN.SHOP》
 日程 2022年4月16日(土)・17日(日)・23日(土)・24日(日)《予約不要・入場無料》

 時間 午前11時~午後7時
 会場 白白庵(1階エントランスギャラリー&茶室、2階サロン)

【GALLERY exhibition】
 DATE : Saturday & Sunday during 2022.4.16 Sat. - 4.24 Sun.《No appointment required, entrance free》
 *Please contact us if you hope to visit gallery on Monday or Friday by mail, telephone, or message from any SNS.
 *Closed on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.
 *Mask wearing, alcohol sterilization, the thermometry at the entrance are required.

 TIME : 11:00am. to 7:00pm.
 VENUE : PAKUPAKUAN (Entrance gallery at 1st floor & Tea room, salon at 2nd floor)

[日 時] 4月17日(日) 午前10時~ (約45分)
[出 演] 石橋 圭吾(白白庵主宰)
*白白庵Facebookページから配信します。 https://www.facebook.com/pakupakuan

【Live streaming from gallery exhibited “Table of seven days later”】
viewing free
[Date] Apr 17 (Sun) 2022
[Time] 10:00~ (about 45min.)
[Talk live] ISHIBASHI Keigo (President of PAKUPAKUAN)
*Stream on PAKUPAKUAN Facebook https://www.facebook.com/pakupakuan


八角皿 Octagon plate

30c 大鉢 パラソル文 30cm / Large bowl / Parasol

collage bowl

11c 豆皿 金のぶどう 11cm tiny plate / Golden grape






I did a lot of hard work today.
May I be well again tomorrow.

Every day that seems so obvious, but never comes again.
With irreplaceable presence and memories.
First, rather than contemplating the distant future.
I imagine myself seven days from now.

Something beautiful, something pretty,
Small happiness, great hope.
They are all
In our lives.

On the table of seven days later
What kind of delicious food
What's on the line?

Drawer カップ Drawer / cup

12c 小皿 ヤサイ文 12cm / Small plate / Vegetable

collage bowl



MIO Hideaki (the deceased), who was active as a journalist and a magazine writer, came back to Gifu Prefecture and established Atelier MUKUNOKI in 1983.
Since 1985, he has held solo exhibitions in Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto, and Nagoya every year.
At the same time, he had planned exhibitions such as “Exhibition of FUDOKI in the forest” all over Japan and tried to propose various lifestyles as his life work.
He has made many items of daily-use tableware and furniture from all the precious forest resources. The style of his paintings ranges from soft seasonal flowers and plants to landscapes,
tanka and waka poems, humorous human masks, and ancient Egyptian wall paintings.
After Hideaki's death in 2017, his twin daughters (Asuka and Azuchi), who are also artists, have joined creating with his wife Masako, and they continue to work together.
The wooden bowls decorated with rustic textures and vivid colors will make you feel more flavor and affection as they are used for a long time.
From young children to the elderly, they can be used by anyone with ease of use.

ASUAZU 「No war! 平和とは?」 ASUAZU "No war ! What is peace?" 2022 / mixed media / H30×W30×D2cm

ASUAZU 「Spring has coming!」 ASUAZU “Spring has coming!” 2022 / mixed media / H30×W30×D2cm

花とトリ 取手付プレート Flower and bird / Plate with handle

スツール Sunny Day Stool / Sunny Day

スツール My favorite 2 Stool / My favorite 2

ASUAZU 「we don't need a weapon」 ASUAZU "we don't need a weapon" 2022 / mixed media / φ33.2×D2cm

【 白白庵オンラインショップ 期間限定 】 PAKUPAKUAN.SHOP For a limited time ※会期終了しました。This exhibition was finished.
三尾英明&まさ子 絵付作品 一覧
Wooden works painted by MIO Hideaki & Masako
ASUKA(三尾 あすか) 絵付作品 一覧
Wooden works painted by MIO Asuka
AZUCHI(三尾 あづち) 絵付作品 一覧
Wooden works painted by MIO Azuchi
白白庵オンラインショップでは上記作品他にもより多くの作品を掲載しております 【期間限定】 工房むくの木 展 「七日後の食卓」
and more PAKUPAKUAN.SHOP Atelier MUKUNOKI exhibition 2022 "Table of seven days later"

【出展作家】 Artist
工房むくの木 Atelier MUKUNOKI

木工家具・食器 / 岐阜県

Wooden work / Resident in Gifu Pref.
MIO Hideaki (the deceased) was born in Gifu prefecture and was active as a journalist and a magazine writer. In 1983,
he came back to Gifu and established Atelier MUKUNOKI to make painting wooden works.
He created furniture, tableware, and paintings with his wife, Masako, and hold exhibitions a lot.
At the same time, he had planned exhibitions such as “Exhibition of FUDOKI in the forest”
all over Japan and tried to propose various lifestyles as his life work.
In the present, his twin daughters and Masako have created works.

三尾 あすか・あづち MIO Asuka & Azuchi

絵画・立体造形など / 岐阜県・大阪府在住
1985 岐阜県に生まれる
2005 (あすか)大阪芸大短期大学部デザイン美術学科絵画コース 卒業
    (あづち)京都嵯峨芸術短期大学イラストレーション科 卒業
2008 (あすか)京都造形芸術大学美術工芸学科洋画コース 編入,卒業

Painting・Modeling artist / Resident in Gifu & Osaka Pref.
1985 Born in Gifu prefecture
2005 (Asuka)Graduated from Osaka University of Arts Junior College, Department of Design and Fine Arts, Painting Course
    (Azuchi)Graduated from Kyoto Saga Art College Illustration Department
2008 (Asuka)Kyoto University of the Arts, Department of Arts and Crafts, Western Painting Course Transfer, Graduation
2009~Started activities as a twin unit


【 企画・ディレクション 】 Planning, Direction
 石橋 圭吾 (白白庵) ISHIBASHI Keigo (PAKUPAKUAN)

八角皿 Octagon plate

21.5c 盛鉢 和紙貼り 21.5cm Bowl / Japanese paper covered

collage bowl

組深鉢 金のぶどう Set of bowls / Golden grape