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白 白 庵 リ ニ ュ ー ア ル オ ー プ ン 記 念 企 画 | PAKU PAKU AN Reopen after renovation Event

「 南 青 山 大 茶 湯 」 併 催  髙 橋 良 個 展

PAKUPAKUAN presents :
The commemoration exhibition of reopening after being remodeled

“Minami Aoyama Great Tea Party” combining a pair of events
TAKAHASHI Ryo solo exhibition “SUI BOKU KI TAN” (Strange story with ink painting)
[日 程] 2019年3月30日(土) - 4月24日(水) *木曜定休
[時 間] 午前11時 - 午後8時
[会 場] 白白庵(全館)
[Date] March 30 (Sat) - April 24 (Wed), 2019 *NOTE: We are closed on every Thursday.
[Time] Open: 11:00 am Close: 08:00 pm
[Place] PAKUPAKUAN (Entire Building)
TAKAHASHI Ryo, who is the painter, learned ink painting by himself from Suibokuga (painting using only Indian ink) to Bokusaiga (painting using other pigments) . He still expands his range of expression: Recently he has mastered Japanese-style paintings with mineral pigments.
Painting the beauties of nature while always looking toward life and death and feeling affection for his little child.
His style is heretical but also classic.
This is the longtime awaited solo exhibition of Suibokuga paintings, his beginning point!
 Live painting by TAKAHASHI Ryo
 日時 4/14(日) 15:00-16:00
 [Date] April 14 (Sun) [Time] 03:00 pm - 04:00 pm
 《Free to Join, No reservation is required.》
【 出 展 作 家 】 Artist(敬称略)
髙橋 良 TAKAHASHI Ryo (水墨画 / 滋賀) (Suiboku [ink painting] artist / Shiga)
 画家|「髙橋美術」主宰 Painter. The owner of “ART TAKAHASHI”
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新作イメージ 新作イメージ
new art work image new art work image

2018.9 アートラウンジ「やわらぎ水」オープニングにて公開制作(パークホテル東京)
2018.9 “ART LOUNGE exhibition YAWARAGI MIZU” live painting (Park Hotel Tokyo)

2018.5 グループ展「花鳥風月リミックス」にて、フラワーアティスト 加藤ひろえ氏と公開制作(白白庵)
018.5 Group exhibition “KA CHO FU GETSU remixed” live painting with flower artist KATO Hiroe (PAKUPAKUAN)

【企画・ディレクション】 Directior
石橋   圭吾 ISHIBASHI Keigo(白白庵|有限会社ニュートロン)