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白白庵 ギャラリー&オンライン企画 | PAKUPAKUAN presents Gallery & Online exhibition

~ 小さな祈りと願いが降り積もる場所 ~
The place where small prayer and wish lay thick.

いちかわ ともこ 個展

Solo exhibition by painter ICHIKAWA Tomoko
"Land of Talisman"

【ギャラリー開催】  全作品展示販売 / 入場無料 / 予約不要
 日程 2023年3月18日(土)~ 26日(日)の 土曜日・日曜日 限定 《予約不要・入場無料》
 時間 午前11時~午後7時
 会場 白白庵(1階エントランスギャラリー&茶室、2階サロン)

【GALLERY exhibition for sale】  《No appointment required, entrance free》
 DATE : Saturday & Sunday during 2023.3.18 Sat. - 3.26 Sun.
 *Please contact us if you hope to visit gallery on Monday or Friday by mail, telephone, or message from any SNS.
 *Closed on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.
 *Mask wearing, alcohol sterilization, the thermometry at the entrance are required.
 TIME : 11:00am. to 7:00pm.
 VENUE : PAKUPAKUAN (Entrance gallery at 1st floor & Tea room, salon at 2nd floor)
【オンライン開催】  限定数公開・販売 / 閲覧無料
 日時 2023年3月18日(土) 午後5時 ~ 26日(日)午後7時
 会場 白白庵オンラインショップ 《PAKUPAKUAN.SHOP》 内特設ページ

【ON LINE viewing】  Limited works
DATE & TIME : 2023.3.18 Sat. 5:00pm. - 3.26 Sun. 7:00pm.
VENUE : Special issues page on 《PAKUPAKUAN.SHOP》


【 「 おまもりの国 」会場よりライブ配信 】
【 Talk live streaming from ICHIKAWA Tomokoʼs solo exhibition "Land of Talisman" 】
日 時 3月18日(土) 午後5時~ (約30分)
出 演 石橋 圭吾(白白庵 主催)
ゲスト いちかわ ともこ(画家・絵本作家)
*白白庵Facebookページから配信します。 https://www.facebook.com/pakupakuan
viewing free
[Date] Mar 18 (Sat), 2023 [Time] 17:00~ (about 30min.)
[Talk live] ISHIBASHI Keigo (President of PAKUPAKUAN)
[Guest artist] ICHIKAWA Tomoko (Painter / Picture book artist)
*Stream on PAKUPAKUAN Facebook https://www.facebook.com/pakupakuan

「letter」 “letter”

「おまもりの国」 “Land of Talisman”

「羽に刻む」 “Inscribe on wing”

「チューリップ」(部分) “Tulip” (part)



There is
Small prayers and
Small wishes
from all over the world are piled up.
春夏秋冬 巡る季節が

There is
spring, summer, autumn, winter, the seasons that go around
Enveloped by harshness and warmth
and bring forth great harvests.

There is
All life is not threatened
Breathe big and loud
and fly in the sky.

一昨年の「神様は星空から降ってきた」以来、2年ぶりの個展となる いちかわともこ。


This is ICHIKAWA Tomoko’s first solo exhibition in two years, since "God fell from the sky" the year before last.
Her generous and large-scale world of artwork, which gently connects the religious views of the East and West, will rekindle a soft fire in the hearts of people who have been divided by the Covid-19.

The joyful voices and the sound of the wind coming from within the paintings.
The smell of grass, the breath of fresh green, the falling snow.
Your imagination will make this world even more beautiful.

Many new KOKESHI dolls and matryoshkas will be on display, eagerly awaiting their departure to your homes.
Please take another peek at the fertile world you must have dreamed of one day.

起き上がりこぼし Self-righting dharma doll

こけし Kokeshi dolls

天使マトリョーシカ Angel Matryoshka dolls

ねまりこ Sitting Kokeshi dolls

【 白白庵オンラインショップ 期間限定 】 PAKUPAKUAN.SHOP For a limited time
平面絵画 作品 一覧
Tableau / painting art works collection
マトリョーシカ、こけし など 立体作品 一覧
Solid works (Matryoshka & Kokeshi doll and more) collection
絵本、ポスター、ポストカード 一覧
Picture book, art poster and post card collection

【出展作家】 Artist
いちかわ ともこ ICHIKAWA Tomoko

画家・絵本作家 / 京都府在住
絵画は、心が還ってゆける場所 - 心の聖域を具現化するものとして展開している。
2021 ボローニャ国際絵本原画展 最終入選

公式サイト https://www.ichikawatomoko.com/

Painting and picture book artist / Resident in Kyoto pref.
Born in Osaka, currently based in Kyoto.
She has mainly drawn paintings, illustrations, picture books, matryoshka and kokeshi wooden dolls.
She usually uses gods, people, animals, plants, mountains and stars as her motifs, and for her, matryoshka and kokeshi dolls are positioned as a kind of talisman to contain her motifs.
She regards the paintings as something to embody the sanctuary of the heart - a place where the heart can return to.
In recent years, she has expanded her activities such as the package design for aroma shops and the wrapping paper for baked sweets shops.
The winners of the 2021 Illustrators Exhibition in Bologna Childrenʼs Book Fair 2021


【企画・ディレクション】 Direction
 石橋 圭吾(白白庵) ISHIBASHI Keigo (PAKUPAKUAN)

「私のヤギ」 “My goat”

「豊穣」 “Abundant harvest”

「Butterfly」 “Butterfly”

「aroma tree」 “aroma tree”