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白 白 庵 出 展 企 画 | PAKUPAKUAN presents


KOGEI Art Fair Kanazawa 2019 #604号室

石 田 慎 個 展
Cut glass artist ISHIDA Makoto solo exhibition in KOGEI Art Fair Kanazawa 2019 / room #604

[日 程] 2019年11月15日(金) ・ 16日(土) ・ 17日(日)
[時 間] 15日(金) 13時 - 19時 ファーストビュー(招待者限定)
    16日(土) 11時 - 19時 一般公開
    17日(日) 11時 - 18時 一般公開
[入 場] ¥1,000
    石川県金沢市上堤町 2-40

Date / Nov 15 (Fri) - 17 (Sun), 2019
Time / 15 (Fri) / Open 13:00 Close 19:00 *limited to invited people and media staff
    16 (Sat) / Open 11:00 Close 19:00
    17 (Sun) / Open 11:00 Close 18:00
Entrance fee / 1,000JPY
    2-40 Kamitsutsumi-cho, Kanazawa, Ishikawa, JAPAN

【KOGEI Art Fair Kanazawa 2019 公式サイト】
「KOGEI Art Fair Kanazawa は工芸の価値形成や市場形成を目的に開催するホテル型アートフェアです。日本初の工芸に特化したアートフェアとして昨年に第 1 回目を開催しました。新進気鋭の若手の作品から世界で活躍する作家の作品まで、国内外のギャラリーが一堂に会し、芸術性、創造性の高い唯一無二の KOGEI 作品をご紹介できる機会となります。」(主催者コメント)
“KOGEI Art Fair Kanazawa is the hotel-style art fair, aiming to create the value and markets of crafts. As the first Japanese craft-specific art fair, we held the first one in 2017. From the up-and-coming artists to artists who are successful around the world, galleries in and out of Japan, get together and introduce KOGEI works that are highly artistic and creative.” (The organizer comments)
PAKUPAKUAN has entered ourselves since the 1st fair and sold a lot of works there and gained evaluations. In this year, KOGEI Art Fair will show works in the form of solo exhibition not joint exhibition like the last year. PAKUPAKUAN picks up ISHIDA Makoto, who is a young and energetic cut glass artist. Most of conventional cut grass craftsmen separated their work of glassbrowing and cutting but ISHIDA has appeared in the cut glass world like a comet and acquired both techniques. He is a perfectionist who creates impeccable works through the all process such as designing, forming, cutting and the like. He has been improving his reputation in spite of his age. With this chance, we would like many people to know him and his works, not only practical vessels, but also objects that he engages in making recently.

【 出 展 作 家 】 Artist(敬称略)
石田 慎 ISHIDA Makoto(切子硝子 / 兵庫)

切子硝子作家 / 兵庫県在住
1986 大阪府出身
2006~08 弟子入り。江戸切子を学ぶ
2010~15 吹きガラスを学ぶ
2015~ 「shin glass工房」設立
2016 第六回「天祭 一〇八」『M碗グランプリ』・1位受賞(コレクション所蔵)
2018 「大阪工芸展」・美術工芸大賞

Cut glass artist / resident in Hyogo pref.
1986 Born in Osaka
2006-2008 Learned EDO KIRIKO (cut glass) under a master
2010-2015 Learned glassblowing
2015~ Established his atelier "shin glass"
2016 "The 6th Tensai 108" ※The First Prize, "M-wan Grand Prix" (in Zojoji Temple / Tokyo)
2018 Arts and Crafts Grand Prix “Arts and Crafts Exhibition of Osaka”

【 企画・ディレクション 】 Directior
石橋 圭吾 ISHIBASHI Keigo(白白庵主宰・アートディレクター)