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白白庵 オンライン&ギャラリー企画 | PAKUPAKUAN presents Online & Gallery exhibition

~ 宝石のような美しさを作り出す。 ~
Create the beauty such as the jewel.

Glass artist ISHIDA Makoto solo exhibition

【ギャラリー開催】   全作品展示販売 / 入場無料 / 予約不要
 日程 2022年8月20日(土)・21日(日)・27日(土)・28日(日)

 時間 午前11時~午後7時
 会場 白白庵(1階エントランスギャラリー&茶室、2階サロン)

【GALLERY exhibition】   《No appointment required, entrance free》
 DATE : Saturday & Sunday during 2022.8.20 Sat. - 8.28 Sun.
 *Please contact us if you hope to visit gallery on Monday or Friday by mail, telephone, or message from any SNS.
 *Mask wearing, alcohol sterilization, the thermometry at the entrance are required.

 TIME : 11:00am. to 7:00pm.
 VENUE : PAKUPAKUAN (Entrance gallery at 1st floor & Tea room, salon at 2nd floor)
【オンライン開催】   およそ100作品を厳選して公開
 日時 2022年8月21日(日) 午後5時 ~ 28日(日)午後7時
 会場 白白庵オンラインショップ 《PAKUPAKUAN.SHOP》 内特設ページ

【ON LINE viewing】   Limited to top 100 works
 DATE & TIME : 2022.8.21 Sun. 5:00pm. - 8.28 Sun. 7:00pm.
 VENUE : Special issues page on 《PAKUPAKUAN.SHOP》

【 「南青山 ハッピーアワー」ライブ配信 】
【Talk live streaming “Minami-Aoyama Happy Hour”】
《オンライン配信》 視聴無料
[日 時] 8月20日(土) 午後5時~ (約45分)
[出 演] 石橋 圭吾(白白庵 主宰)
      佐々木 達郎(酒数奇者 / 「酒器道楽」主宰)
[ゲスト] 石田  慎(切子硝子作家)
*白白庵Facebookページから配信します。 https://www.facebook.com/pakupakuan
《live streaming》 viewing free
[Date] Aug 20 (Sat), 2022 [Time] 17:00~ (about 45min.)
[Talk live] ISHIBASHI Keigo (President of PAKUPAKUAN)
      SASAKI Tatsuro (“Man of well-cultivated tastes for sake” / The representative of “SHUKI DO-RAKU”)
[Guest artist] ISHIDA Makoto (Cutting glass artist from Hyogo pref.)
*Stream on PAKUPAKUAN Facebook https://www.facebook.com/pakupakuan

龍鱗 抹茶碗 Dragon scales / Tea bowl

愛 抹茶碗 Love / Tea bowl

光輝 ぐい呑 Brightness / Guinomi

圧倒的な美しさを求め ガラスに魂を吹き込み
自らの命に刃を向けるが如く ガラスを削る。
見る者を虜にする 宝石のような輝きの奥には
少年のような無垢な心が 鼓動を打っている。

増上寺で開催され人気を博したアートフェス『天祭 一〇八』(2013-2016)の最終回にて



In search of overwhelming beauty, breathing soul into glass
Cutting glass as if turning the blade against his own life.
Behind the jewel-like sparkle that captivates the viewer,
the heart of boyish innocence beats.

He appeared like a comet at the final edition of the art festival TEN-SAI 108 (2013-2016) held at Zojoji Temple, where he won the grand prix in the matcha bowl contest.
The newcomer of Kiriko glass, whose work continues to evolve and leap forward at a remarkable rate, will finally have his long-awaited first solo exhibition at PAKUPAKUAN.

The artist, who has won high acclaim at solo exhibitions at department stores and art fairs in the past, has attracted and surprised many audiences in various locations with his world view of beauty that breaks
through the conventional world of Kiriko glass.

In this exhibition, not only his newest tea bowls and Guinoimi, but also his unique objects will be on display.
The one-of-a-kind glass works created by his uncanny modeling and excellent cutting skills are on display for all to see.
Please come and see for yourself.

誓い ぐい呑 A vow / Guinomi

向日葵 Sunflower

無限 Infinity

【出展作家】 Artist
石田 慎 ISHIDA Makoto

切子ガラス作家 / 兵庫県在住
1986 大阪府出身
2006~08 弟子入り。江戸切子を学ぶ
2010~15 吹きガラスを学ぶ
2015~ 「shin glass工房」設立
2012 「江戸硝子職人展」・工業会長賞
2014 「江戸硝子職人展」・伝統工芸品委員長賞
2015 「テーブルウェアフェスティバル」・佳作、「そば猪口アート展」・審査員賞
2016 「兵庫県展」・兵庫県芸術文化協会賞
第六回「天祭 一〇八」『M碗グランプリ』・1位受賞(コレクション所蔵)
2017 「大阪工芸展」・大阪府知事賞
2018 「大阪工芸展」・美術工芸大賞
    「現代ガラス展 in 山陽小野田」・三輪休雪審査員賞

Cut glass artist / Resident in Hyogo pref.
1986 Born in Osaka
2006-2008 Learned EDO KIRIKO (cut glass) under a master
2010-2015 Learned glassblowing
2015~ Established his atelier “shin glass”
2012 Technical Chairman Prize, “Edo Glass Craftsman Exhibition”
2014 Traditional Crafts Chairperson Prize, “Edo Glass Craftsman Exhibition”
2015 Honorable mention, “Tableware Festival”
Jury Prize, “Sobachoco (cups for buckwheat noodles) Art Exhibition”
2016 Hyogo Arts and Culture Association Prize, “Hyogo Prefecture Exhibition”
“The 6th TENSAI 108” ※The First Prize, “M-wan Grand Prix” (Collectionʼs possession)
2017 Osaka Governer Prize, “Arts and Crafts Exhibition of Osaka”
2018 Arts and Crafts Grand Prix “Arts and Crafts Exhibition of Osaka”
    MIWA Kyusetsu Jury Prize, “Contemporary Glass Art Exhibition in Onoda”
    Hyogo Arts and Culture Association Prize, “Hyogo Prefecture Exhibition”


【企画・ディレクション】 Planning, Direction
 石橋 圭吾 (白白庵) ISHIBASHI Keigo (PAKUPAKUAN)

泉 抹茶碗 Fontain / Tea bowl