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猫 の 目 は 人 の 口 ほ ど に 物 を 言 う 。

The eye of the cat means a lot as the mouth of the human.

画 家 ・ 金 田 花 季 個 展

Painter KANEDA Hanaki solo exhibition "Gossip with beautiful words"
[日 程] 2019年10月5日(土) - 16日(水) *木曜定休
[時 間] 午前11時 - 午後8時
[会 場] 白白庵(3階ギャラリー)

[Date] Oct 5 (Sat) - 16 (Wed), 2019 *closed on every Thursday.
[Time] Open: 11:00 am Close: 08:00 pm
[Place] PAKUPAKUAN (Third Floor)


We will hold the solo exhibition of Painter KANEDA Hanaki’s new artworks sequentially last year.
The exhibition would be the highlight of KANEDA, who shows a remarkable performance as a illustrator too, in her busy schedule.
Concentrating all her awareness of problems and interests as an artists, she draws animals shot through with humor and personifies them to vividly express mixed feelings of joy and sorrow in the current society.
Her dazzling coloring and motifs will be drawing pathos. It's no exaggeration to say that her works are just the current “Choju Jinbutsu Giga (caricatures of frolicking birds, animals and humans)”.
Are there such people (animals) around you?
《Only during this exhibition, we will receive requests for custom-made works to KANEDA Hanaki at PAKUPAKUAN.》

【 出 展 作 家 】 Artist(敬称略)
金田 花季 KANEDA Hanaki(絵画・イラストレーション / 茨城)

画家・イラストレーター / 茨城県在住
1994 初個展(ギャラリーTOBI / 東京)
2013~2016 「天祭 一〇八」(増上寺 / 東京) *第一回から全出展参加
Twitter @hanakikaneda
Instagram #hanaki_kaneda

Painter, Illustrator / resident in IBARAGI pref.
Born in 1974
1994 Held the first time solo exhibition in Gallery TOBI (Tokyo)
2013-2016 Participated in the art festival “TENSAI 108” (1st - 6th) in Zojoji Temple (Tokyo)
A lot of solo show, group show, exhibitions at galleries and department stores.

【 企画・ディレクション 】 Directior
石橋 圭吾 ISHIBASHI Keigo(白白庵主宰・アートディレクター)