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門永 哲郎 KADONAGA Tetsuro
木彫 / Carving
鳥取 / Tottori
2015年、4月。第4回 天祭一〇八に参加。
    10月。第5回 天祭一〇八に参加。

1959 Born in Sakaiminato City, Tottori Prefecture.
Because his family temple is Shofukuji Temple in Nakano Town, whose is the same as MIZUKI Shigeru (Manga artist), Jigoku Gokuraku zu (picture of Buddhists' paradise and hell) had been hammered into his head every time he visited the graves with his ground mother.

He has like animals since he was a child and would often go to the mountains in his youth. Then he started to express them by photographs in his 20’s.
He got married when he was 30 and had his children.
Since he wanted to play an active role in child-rearing, he started to draw birds, not to take photos of them, without going to mountains. Then he started to create objects with three-dimensions.

1995 Started to teach bird carving at YONAGO WATERBIRD SANCTUARY
1997 Participated in the establishment of the Japan Bird Carving Association
2000 Assumed the position of a board member of the Japan Bird Carving Association
2001 Assumed the position of a board member of the National Cultural Dream Festival Tottori and a bird festival sponsored by Yonago City
2002 Gathered over 300 bird carving works from the whole country for the bird festival held in Tottori Prefectural Budokan (martial arts stadium) and exhibited two life-sized tundra swan carving works
2007 Exhibited his bird carving bird works as the entertainment project of the National Japanese Beef Exposition. Mr. HITACHINOMIYA (Imperial family) took a look at the works there and requested to make Japanese pygmy woodpecker carving works
2015 Participated in The 4th Tensai 108 (Zojoji Temple / Tokyo)
   Participated in The 5th Tensai 108 (Zojoji Temple / Tokyo)
Although he had been carving wood while facing birds and flowers, he participated in the Tensai (one of the Art Fair in Tokyo) in order to know how his works are accepted by the public.
He was totally a visitor from the country, but various craftsmen and artists in the Tensai had a high opinion of his works. He gained lots of self-confidence and created more and more works.

2016, 2017, 2018, 2019 Won a prize at Exposition l’Art Actuel France-Japon (THE NATIONAL ART CENTER, TOKYO, TOKYO)
2018 Recommended exhibited for 150 Aniversario del establecimiento de las relaciones diplomáticas entre Japón y España. Received the excellent awards of Spanish International Arts Exhibition
2020 Received the Special Recommendation for the exhibition held in Croatia

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