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《Notice》Temporary suspension of appointments at PAKUPAKUAN
January 6, 2021
Dear all of you who are involved with PAKUPAKUAN

In light of the recent spread of the COVID-19 in the Tokyo metropolitan area, we have decided to take our own measures without waiting for the declaration of a state of emergency.

◎The gallery “PAKUPAKUAN” (Minami Aoyama, Tokyo) will not be open to visitors with prior appointments, nor will it be open to non-essential visitation by people concerned until early February.
However, measures will be taken according to the contents of the emergency declaration issued by the government and local authorities.

◎We will resume accepting appointments (visits to the store) for the exhibitions scheduled to be held in the future. In principle, online (selling on the online store site [pakupakuan.shop]) will be held while monitoring the situation.

In accordance with the above decision, we will continue to prepare for the implementation of the special exhibition while expanding our business and services on the online store site.
All of these decisions will be made in accordance with the policies of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government, local governments, and the national government, as well as the status of the COVID-19 infection.

We sincerely ask for your continued understanding and cooperation.