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 週四日間営業(火曜日 水曜日はオンライン業務専従日、木曜日は定休日とする)
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《Announcement》The timing to reopen of PAKUPAKUAN's store and its future policy
June 2, 2020
All concerned parties,
Following the lifting of the state of emergency declared by all prefectures in Japan, we have decided on the timing of the resumption of store business and the future policy of "PAKUPAKUAN" (operated by Neutron Co., Ltd.), which has been closed since the end of March this year.

◎The gallery "PAKUPAKUAN" will reopen on August 28 (Fri.) of this year.
However, the business days and hours will be reduced or shortened as follows.
・We open on 4 days a week; Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday. (on Tuesday, Wednesday only our online shop is open, and Thursday is a regular holiday)
・Hours of operation: 11:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. (We close 1 hour earlier than before)
◎Suspension of the opening reception and private viewing
Receptions and other parties at each exhibition will not be held for the time being.
◎About Holding Tea Parties, Workshops, Lectures, etc.
Tea ceremonies, workshops, and lectures in the tea ceremony room and exhibition spaces will be held after careful consideration.(The number of participants will be reduced, and masks will be worn and we keep caring for sterilizing the space.)
◎Expansion of the online shop "PAKUPAKUAN.SHOP".
The online shop "PAKUPAKUAN.SHOP," which was launched on May 1, has been positioned as the core of our future business development.
We will further expand the content and services after our store reopens.
From the second week of the exhibition at our store (PAKUPAKUAN), the artworks from the exhibition will also be available for purchase online.

In accordance with the above decision, we will continue to expand the business and services on its online shop site as it prepares to reopen its stores.
Of course, all of these decisions will be made in accordance with the policies of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government, each municipality, and the national government after assessing the status of infection with the COVID-19.

We would like to express our sincere appreciation for your continued understanding and cooperation.